Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monkey-Cats Orb

Under the night spider web sky.....

were 4 little Halloween characters ready for a night of mischief.

Merry Wicked

Mortimer Moon-Head

Villiam Vacula

and Jakey Monkey-Cat

They are already plotting a party for Halloween night with bats and owls and jack-o'laterns and spiders

Oh, but before Halloween there is the Fourth of July...have a safe and wonderful weekend filled full of things that you love, including our country
and our independence. Isn't that what it's all about?

Be safe with those fireworks!


Tea Party Winner and EHAG Emporium Tonight!!!!

Two things today....first, the winner of the little pumpkin head giveaway from this weekends Tea Party is Allison Bartlett, the Skelly Addict. Congratulations Allison!!! He isn't a skelly, but the little fellow will be on his way to you soon!

Second, tonight is the EHAG Emporium update. Lots of wonderful Halloween goodness will be unveiled by a very talented group of artists at 9 pm Eastern Time. Don't be late!!! Here is a peek at the offering from Monkey-Cats Studio. Update-Sold

Have a great evening and good luck on purchasing that special Halloween original on the EHAG Emporium!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tea Party!!!!!!

The invitations were sent out and the guests are arriving from under the garden leaves with Salvadore Squash leading the way.

Just to his right came Sir I. B. Bones out from another hosta plant.....

who asked where the chocolate biscotti was located because he could smell it through the screen door. Those skinny fellows really love their chocolate!

Grandmother's tablecloth, dishes and hand-crocheted napkins are arranged neatly for the guests...

the tea has been poured, the cookies and biscuits plated, the flowers arranged (with two of the guests awaiting their turn for treats) .....

and the table set with frosty berries for the ice tea.

Have some tea, eat some sweets...want more than one, feel free to have as much as you would like! Go to A Fanciful Twist and go to the list in her left column to join in the Tea Party 2010!!! Thank you Vanessa for creating so much fun for us!!!

Yikes, forgot to post I have a little painted pumpkin head giveaway as part of leaving a comment. He was hiding in the flower arrangement!!! Leave a comment before June 29, and I'll put your name in for the little fellow...follow my blog and your name goes in the drawing twice!

Enjoy the party!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Ready for a Tea Party

I'm getting ready for a tea party hosted by A Fanciful Twist tomorrow. I went out to select some flowers and hosta leaves for the table arrangement, and to make sure the flower beds didn't look too scary for guests. I love this time of year when the lilies are in bloom!!

Red lilies, white lilies, yellow, orange and mauve....some weeds mixed in, but I can make those go away before the guests arrive for some tea and cakes.

Oops, and I need to hide some of the support stakes! Lots of work to do so this will be short! Come join us tomorrow and have a hot cup of tea, or in my case ice tea with raspberries and pomegranate added.

I love tea parties...hope to see you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Halloween WIPs

What have I been doing?...working on the details of 16 new figures. Here is a peek at three of the WIPs (works in progress) closest to being ready for some paint. The collars and hats are done, the arms and the hands sculpted and the buckets and scepters are almost done, but need a little more time on the shelf to dry.

I don't know if it is my imagination or not, but I swear I heard giggling coming from that shelf last night after I turned the lights out. No, it couldn't be, could it?

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I LOVE my new stainless steel tools I mentioned in the prior post. They are doing exactly what I hoped they would do for me and I can honestly say that the head I completed yesterday went faster with the use of the new tools. I highly recommend them if you are considering purchasing new clay or paper mache tools.

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tigger Melon and New Tools!!

"Tigger Melon" grew up in the garden right by the pumpkin vine and has a bit of pumpkin envy. He just could not understand why those big orange and lumina squash kept getting picked by the children for Halloween. He was orange (even if he did have golden tigger stripes) and he was sweet and succulent, unlike those pulpy seed-filled pumpkin boys. He just didn't understand all the fuss over what he considered to be an inferior vegetable with an ordinary appearance.

Not wanting to be overshadowed by the pumpkins and loving Halloween as he did, "Tigger" went looking for a good tailor. "Tigger" was presented with a golden harvest colored vest to wear, accented with a ghost and pumpkin designed bow tie and matching treat bucket. (He was sure the pumpkin accents would gain him entrance into the "Pumpkin Ball")

Additionally, "Tigger" carried a pumpkin scepter just for good measure. I'm sure he got to sign a few dance cards the night of the ball!

I was so happy to finish another piece, but then the doorbell rang and my new stainless sculpting tools were just delivered!!!! I suddenly was much more excited about my new tools so I had to share them with you too. I primarily use some wood and silicon tools and have some favorite shapes and tips, so I went through my favorites and picked similar tool tips in the stainless line. Not an inexpensive way to go, but after 4 years of replacing lost or broken tools I decided to bite the bullet.

Some ladies love to be surprised with jewelry and this is just about as good in my book! Well, almost. Off to go try these new babies out!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've been sculpting this past week and I've also been dabbling with the paint when I get the urge to switch gears. This is one of the figures I hope to finish today..."Web-ster". "Web-ster" still needs his bucket painted and another little attachment in his other hand, which is finally dry. (We are in a flood warning today if that gives you a clue how much rain we have had the last 5 days along with high humidity levels, which really doesn't let the paper mache dry.)

"Web-ster" is a spider whisperer. He has drawn spiders close to him since he was just a tiny nub on the pumpkin vine. They have always created lovely lace patterns for "Web-ster" and he proudly wears their designs on his hat, bow tie and lapel. He also usually carries a few arachnid fellows on him, and is frequently seen with a group that follows him wherever he goes. If you listen closely in the evenings you can hear "Web-ster" humming a little spidey-tune to entice them to spin their silken magic...after all, every good spook needs a lovely spun web. It's turned into quite a business for "Web-ster" and his eight-legged pals.

Hope you like him!

Monday, June 14, 2010

In the Clay

I have been working in the paper mache clay for the last several days and decided to show you my progress. Pumpkin heads, skelly heads, cats, a new orb started and bits and pieces of things in various stages waiting for a set of hands to finish them. Some things are new to the studio like my first true candy container, which I am anxious to have dry so I can add the paint. Will it be the only one?... I don't know yet as many hours have already been put into the design so we will have to see if it is something to be repeated or not. Decisions, decisions!!
It might be awhile before I post any of these figures completed as we have been having heavy rain for 4 to 5 days, which has our humidity currently at 83% so it might take some time to dry these out! Hmmmm...I'm thinking they may go downstairs to visit my dehumidifier for a few days.

Back to the clay for me!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Carlton the Crow Counter

"Carlton the Crow Counter" is finished so I thought I would share. Carlton's job is to count each and every crow available for the Halloween season. He arranges their training schedules, vocal lessons, vacations, as well as their sick leave and retirement plans. He is adored by the crows so much that they even presented him with his own crow counting scepter. They recognized the many organizational skills inside that mushy seed-filled little head of his.

Carlton so loves Halloween he plans and arranges for the event year round. I met one of his little crow buddies on vacation at the Grand Canyon a few years ago and he was the first crow I ever saw fly upside down while letting out an, "Ah-ha," with each flip and roll he did. Now I realize Carlton must have had him in a special flight and vocal class. True story.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Blog Background Color

I made a pretty major change to the look of my blog last night. I had recently received an email from a friend that found my black background almost impossible to read any longer due to her eye disease. I had been considering a change so this was all I needed for me to finally get it done. I had to pick colors that worked with my banner, which limited me a bit, but I think it turned out fine. Hope you like the change!

Also, below are Boo T. and Bee Witched Wicked together. Boo T. is that crazy friend we all have that is the life of the party and no matter how long it has been since you last saw her, it always feels like it was just yesterday. She is a gals' gal. She isn't the beauty in the group, but she is the most beautiful person you know...that is this little character, Boo T.

Boo T. and Bee Witched are taking a trip together to Michigan this fall to Ghoultide Gathering, October 2. Check out the website link in the left column to learn more about that wonderful Halloween show!

Hope your day is going well!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bee Witched Wicked

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend filled with family and things you like to do when you have an extra day to rest or play. We certainly did in our house, but I also managed some time in the studio and finished up Bee Witched Wicked...Bee Wicked's oldest daughter. Like her mother, Bee Witched is a flyer of the highest order and wears her bat wings on her pearl necklace. Unlike her mother, Bee Witched likes a little more ornamentation on her garments, so she additionally wears stars from the night sky on her flying cape, hat and boots...she can be a bit of a diva.

This little witch is one of two completed over the weekend so I'll give you a peek of the second one later this week. Off to go work on a pumpkin boy that is calling to me from the studio table!!

Have a great week!