Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Told You the Snowmen Were Coming!!

I told you that the Snowmen were coming and here are two more of them for the upcoming winter and Christmas season. Below are the gift bearing snowman and the top hat snowman with candy canes. Both are made of fastmache and are painted in acrylic paints with a matte varnish finish.

Both snowmen are in very decorative vests with red and white peppermint buttons and trims and both also wear decorated head covering. The top hat snowman below has a red and white painted hat band with a sprig of holly and berries painted above. He also has 2 candy canes coming out of the top of his pocket on his vest.

Below you can see that the top hat snowman has on a pair of little black dress shoes with red and white striped laces holding them on his feet. This snowman is built on a box and by lifting his body the lid can be opened and closed on the black box. Great for concealing a special Christmas gift in so that when they unwrap and see the figure you can smile knowing what they really wanted (jewelry or such) is actually in the box base of the figure.

Below is the face of the gift bearing snowman with a stocking cap on his head. The children were really generous with the snow when they built his nose so he has an equally big smile as well.

The gift bearing snowman has on a lovely black vest with a holly sprig coming out of his pocket and a big peppermint button to hold his vest closed. His vest is also painted in a red and white trim that goes all the way around his torso.

I just realized looking at his legs that the boys don't have their striped stockings on so off to the studio table to add more detail to finish them off!!! Oops!

Happy creating and have a great day!!!


Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hey girly! - you've been busy!

Hope your Halloween was fun and Candy filled!

-Sweet B

Nancy said...

Oh Laurie...they are looking amazing!
So much fun to see!

Hugs, Nancy

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Amelia, thank you for stopping by--too much candy here I'm afraid!!

Nancy, thank you for the compliment. Many hours and I'm having such fun painting their little vests!!

PJ's talkin'.... said...

These snowmen make me happy. I've never liked the "sweet ones". These look like they're up to something... ~PJ

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

It's that Halloween carries over into my Christmas items sometimes. For instance, do you really think that gift contains a sweet something or is it an unexpected surprise inside? I'll let you decide. HA!!