Thursday, November 13, 2008

Working on Elf Figures

Just finished an elf that has inspired me to get a few more done for Christmas. This little guy is already spoken for , but I was pretty happy with the results so decided maybe one or two more little pointed-ear boys needed to be made from paperclay before I switch back to fastmache.

I love making the ruffled collars out of clay. The paperclay works perfectly for this and doesn't stick to my fingers like other clays do while I'm folding the clay back and forth to form the loops. Like most of you working in paperclay, I always have a bowl of warm water beside me to clean my fingers as necessary, and also to dip the clay in if I feel it needs some moisture as I'm working. I looked at the slacks I had on the day I worked on this head, and obviously I use my legs to dry my fingers on after I moisten them in the water!!!! I really need a new work apron, but I keep thinking I will find my old one and so it goes!

Oh, huge tip, never pour your work water down the sink, or wash your clay covered clothes without knocking off the excess dry clay because it will cause problems with your plumbing. I am very careful about that...too many potters have told me horror stories about plumbing bills because of plugged drain lines on their work sinks. I also remember the sewer smell in the ceramics lab one day when I was in college because they were cleaning out the drain line and I don't want that in my house. ICKY!!!

Well, that was a lovely thought to leave in your head as I end this post. I need to get back to the clay!!
Have a great day and happy creating.


PJ's talkin'.... said...

Ohhh! He's so fun! Darn you're good! His hands amaze me. When I work with Paper Clay I have a squirt bottle squirting everything, including me! Do we get to see him painted before he goes to his new home? Oh, I hope so...~PJ

Cassie said...

OOOhhhhh, I like him! Can't wait to see him all painted up!

Designs by CK said...

Laurie ~ You have got to be one of the most prolific artists I know!!!

How do you have the time to create SO many beautiful items ALL the time???!!!

Have a great weekend lady.

Chris :-)

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Laurie, I agree with all that they said!!! I also have an award for you, If you would like to participate go to my blog for info..