Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My New Precious

Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Originals creates the most wonderful clay figures and I confess I have been sort of cyber-stalking her, but in a nice way, and finally made contact with her to purchase an original. This is my new "precious" from Janell. Isn't he adorable?!!!!!! He sits on a shelf with some of my other collected figures and as the days get closer to Christmas I'll share the shelf contents with you.

Look at the detail on this little guy...and the hats with reindeer antlers just crack me up!

Santa even has holly leaves and berries on his the striped pants and stockings too!!

Thank you Janell!!!!!!!!! I will treasure this little guy always!!

Remember, purchase handmade when you can for Christmas. I told my husband this was my Christmas present...he asked me what year, 2020 or 2021?! HA!!! I am naughty about that, I must say!

Have a super day and happy creating!!



Robert said...

Cool love the reindeer ears!!!Robert :)

Jackie said...

Lucky girl....what a present too! She is fabulous :) Have a great day, Jackie

Lance said...

lucky. I want one of her sculptures so bad I can taste it! But I was fortunate enough to be paired with her in a swap, and what she made me was amazing.

Designs by CK said...

FUN piece Laurie!

Janell's work is just SO fabulous. :-)

Enjoy it!


~dani~ said...

Oh yes, this one is my favorite of her Santa's!! SO clever and cute. I will never forget the first time a Janell Original came in the mail. I ran around the house finishing everything I had to do so I would not be interrupted while enjoying my moment. I opened it as if it was a ticking time careful to enjoy every moment. I held it in my hands like the holy grail. I can honestly tell you I held it staring and discovering the wonderful details for more than 30 minutes non-stop.
Seriously, every time I get a sculpture from Janell, I am fully aware of just how lucky I am.
Welcome to the club ;)

Anonymous said...

He is a hunny!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh thank you Robert, Jackie, Lance, Chris, Dani and Sheila...I laughed about the unveiling process you have had Dani. I was careful until the tape wouldn't release on the tissue paper and so I ripped it off. I danced around with Janell's in one hand and Jackie's in the other and my husband thought I had lost it!!! He also didn't realize they were originals and so the confessional opened up. Isn't it amazing how you can hide money in PayPal and a business account only you monitor?
I think it is a new disease for me!HA!!
Thanks all and a special thanks to sweet Janell for making me this creation.

Leah's Art Magic said...

Janell does make wonderful sculptures! I am so happy to have one myself! Wish I could get another. :)