Monday, November 3, 2008

The Snowmen Are Coming

I finally am getting back to putting some paint on my papier mache pieces and will continue to do so throughout today. This makes me very happy. I'm always a little surprised with how a piece turns out...I have this idea in my head and as I'm painting a little bump in the papier mache may make me alter a brushstroke here or there, and sometimes they develop their own personalities because of that. I lightly sand the surface prior to putting on paint, but even with the sanding the bumps in the surface eventually add to the character of the piece. The little snowman below is an example of that!!

This is the second snowman that has a base the ball just sits within allowing the torso to be slightly tipped to adjust to the level the figure is displayed on a shelf or cupboard. He has a large nose and holds a holly branch with sculpted leaves and berries.

He has a lovely smile and rosy cheeks, smiling from ear to ea...oops, he doesn't have any ears!!

Left side view.

Right side view above, and full figure with base view shown below. Notice the base isn't painted yet, and I won't show it until SpookyTime Jingles update on November 13!!

I have had a few emails asking me about the TV interview last week and if it could be viewed. You can view the interview by going to:
Go to the label banner and click on "NTV's Good Life", it will take you to the next page and then you scroll down the left side to "Artwork from Monkey-Cats Studio," click on the link and it will play the interview for you....or if your computer will allow you, you can click on the link below and it will take you directly to the interview.

Thank you for your lovely comments, have a great day and happy creating!!


Mónica Zúñiga said...

I´m glad I found your blogg, Loved it! :) Wonderful snowmen!


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Your new snowmen look FAB!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Your new snowmen look FAB!

Nancy said...

Hi Laurie...I just watched your was just terrific! The pieces you brought were so whimsical and wonderful...

This snowman is going to be another amazing piece.


Designs by CK said...

FUN new piece Laurie!!!

Have a great week lady. :-)

PS: Thanks for your sweet comment about my STJ ad postcard too!!!


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Hi Laurie.I Watched your Interview :)..You did very well! I enjoyed seeing you, & how personable you are..Not to mention cute to! Congrats!!!